Wetlands in cities

Wetlands are extreme critical for biodiversity - and should be preserved. They are threatened by human activity, especially if they are not protected by law. Here we take a closer look to the sparse remaining plots of wetlands and natural protected areas within some German cities.

Such wetlands are naturally located at river deltas or low elevation level spots. One of such a typical location in Germany is the Elbe river delta - where the city of Hamburg is. As we see in the plot above, it is the city with the highest share of wetlands (3.3% of the city). In the map below, the wetlands are displayed and the colour of the districts is representing the percentage of area which is defined as wetland within them. The nature reserves are displayed in red. Most inner-city wetlands are already protected, but there are some exceptions. The district containing most of such sensible wetlands in Hamburg is Wandsbek in the north-east. You can also view the data for the other cities by moving the map.