Some of our clients not only have properties in Germany, but work globally. The market data compiled on the platform to date, especially on public law, has focused on Germany. Since other countries have completely different regulations and structures for spatial planning, the methods we use for Germany to obtain and present the data cannot be applied one-to-one to other countries. Nevertheless, we want to look beyond the borders and develop ways to integrate public regulations with relevance for the real estate market for other countries on the realxdata platform. A first step is the research of relevant building law regulations and their reference source for the major cities of the country. In the following, the first research results are shown using the example of Switzerland.
Not all layers are available for the 5 major cities. There are no monuments for Lusanne and there are only use plans for Bern. Below the map follows a short explanation of each layer and further information about spatial planning in Switzerland.

The basis for spatial planning in Switzerland are the use plans. They define the permissible building and usage methods for each parcel of land and is binding for the basic property. The special use plans are a further specification of the use plans - these can differ within the cantons and are comparable with the German development plans. In planning zones, a temporary (max. 5 years) restriction of building possibilities applies. This corresponds roughly to a development freeze (“Veränderungssperre”) in Germany.